The process of designing, implementing and administering a proper and comprehensive drug and alcohol testing program can be a time-consuming, costly and difficult project. In addition, ensuring that the program is effective and complies with all state and federal laws makes this process even more complicated. For these reasons and due to the administrative burden that is required to maintain a comprehensive substance abuse prevention program, you should consider our services.

Corporate Substance Abuse Programs, Inc., takes a comprehensive approach to drug and alcohol testing. We provide customized programs for each of our clients.

To assist you in understanding the complexity of a comprehensive substance abuse program consider the following current drug and alcohol testing program requirements:

(1) The creation and publication of a drug and alcohol policy

(2) Instruction for company management regarding how to recognize whether a person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol and what the supervisor's role is in overseeing the drug program

(3) Publication of a reference manual for management

(4) Publication of an informational booklet for employees

(5) Selection of facilities for the collection of urine and other required samples

(6) Selection of facilities for performing evidentiary breath testing (EBT)

(7) Selection of a laboratory certified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to test all samples

(8) Selection of a medical review officer (MRO) to interpret the test results

(9) Selection of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to aid employees in need of counseling

(10) Arrangement of proper record keeping and, if required, the filing of reports with government agencies

(11) Maintenance of records' confidentiality

Additionally, all parties must be informed of the drugs that are being tested for, the different circumstances under which tests must be given, and how individuals are selected to be tested.

When all of the above have been accomplished, there will still be the need for legal advice and support for complying with changes to laws and handling any test challenges that might potentially arise.

Corporate Substance Abuse Programs, Inc. (CSAP) can remove these administrative burdens since we are experienced and have a proven track record. We have been creating and administering turnkey substance abuse prevention programs since 1989. Today, CSAP staff members assist clients to create testing policies, create employee and management manuals, perform training, and contract with collection sites, testing labs, MROs, and EAPs. In addition, CSAP has attorneys on staff to provide legal advice and newsletters with updates and law changes that may impact client operations.

Documentation and forms are an integral part of any drug testing program. For this reason CSAP provides all the necessary forms. We also make certain that testing complies with all state and federal confidentiality requirements.

With a CSAP program, there is no need to hire any additional human resource staff to administer the testing program. The turnkey program offered by CSAP relieves our clients of most of the administrative responsibilities. It is our goal to keep our clients' involvement to a minimum.

At a time when employers must concentrate efforts on maintaining the quality and efficiency of their company's services, CSAP programs can offer a number of benefits that can significantly impact any company's bottom line. Increased employee efficiency, reduced employee absenteeism and lower insurance costs are only some of the benefits of our programs.

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