Our Process

For over a decade, Corporate Substance Abuse Programs, Inc., has been in the forefront of helping businesses cope with the problems of drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace. We create customized turnkey drug and alcohol testing programs for businesses of all sizes and from all sectors.

From the start, CSAP works with management to create a substance abuse policy that meets all the state and federal legal standards and accomplishes management's objectives. The CSAP staff organizes, obtains and provides all the support and peripheral services needed for the proper implementation of a comprehensive drug testing program. Once established, CSAP administers the program and provides consultation services as needed.

Since 1989, CSAP has established relationships with the finest service providers in the drug and alcohol testing field. These teams of professionals are prepared to meet every one of our client's specific needs.

After implementation of our customized testing programs, many of our clients have reported positive impacts on their business operations. These include significant reductions in absenteeism, fewer injuries on the job and decreases in missing inventory. At the same time, many also report increased productivity and an improved workplace atmosphere of both employees and management.

These results significantly impact a business's ability to thrive. Substance abuse prevention programs do affect profitability by reducing expenses and by improving productivity.

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